Aerial Game

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Winning points near the net is crucial for a powerful offense. While aerial strokes are quite technically complicated, this course will help you improve your mastery of them daily throughout your matches and training sessions. You will gain proficiency in the “bandeja”, the “víbora”, and the different types of smashes (smash out by 3, and smash out by 4).

What will you learn in this course?

  1. Techniques to properly execute your “bandeja”.
  2. Tactics to strengthen your “bandeja”.
  3. How to smash out by 3: technical and tactical strategies.
  4. How smash out by 4 mid-game.
  5. How to make your smash bounce back high.
  6. The “bandeja” while jumping.
  7. Technical references to hit the “víbora”.
  8. Smashing towards the fence or “rulo”.

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    8 lessons     15 mins         Diploma


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