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This introduction course will teach you the fundamentals every padel player needs. You’ll learn how to properly grip the racket, choose your material, hit using basic back wall strokes, position yourself, and much more, so you can step onto the court confidently from day one.

What will you learn in this course?

  1. Tips to improve your strokes and avoid hitting the wall, from the back wall.
  2. How to improve your back strokes without a wall.
  3. Three often-overlooked keys: keeping your eye on the ball, using your non-dominant hand, and attitude.
  4. Positioning on the court: attack, defence and transitions.
  5. Racket types and recommendations.
  6. How your grip can affect your playing.
  7. Tips to improve your lob.
  8. How to hold your racket, grips and recommendations.

Content        Lessons        Certificate

8 lessons     15 mins         Diploma


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