Serve and return

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Every point begins with these two actions. A strong serve and return guarantees you an advantage at the start of every point, and increases your chance of winning. This course will reveal the keys to dominating your rivals from the first hit.

What will you learn in this course?

  1. How to do the serve toss-up, plus a useful warm-up.
  2. Clear technical keys to bring out the best in your serves and your returns.
  3. Strong tactics to enhance both serving and returning.
  4. How to play Australian style.
  5. How to choose your game side based on your personal characteristics.
  6. Learn how to play in Australian mode.
  7. How to choose your game side depending on your characteristics
  8. Static and dynamic serves: when to bounce the ball, or let it drop.

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    8 lessons     15 mins         Diploma


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