The Volley

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This course will deepen your knowledge about the volley. You will learn every type of volley you can perform, and above all, the best moment to execute each one. Practicing the concepts you’ll learn in this course will take your dominance of the net to the next level.

What will you learn in this course?

  1. How to backhand volley from both sides of the court.
  2. Technical tips for the wind-up and contact point in the volley.
  3. Proper footwork while volleying.
  4. Tactical keys to crush the ball in the volley.
  5. The drop shot: technical and tactical key points.
  6. Playing at the fence: how you can defend and attack over it.
  7. How to forehand volley from both sides.
  8. Positioning near the net, tactical distancing and tilting.

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    8 lessons     15 mins         Diploma


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